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Posted about 5 years ago by Jérôme Vallée

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Jérôme Vallée


Is there a full list of smartwatches compatibility ?

I'm a Pebble user and I don't want a Watch with a 2 days battery...

Is the Xiaomi Amazfit Bip compatible ?


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Walter Nerling posted about 5 years ago

Thanks for the tip on the Pebble. I'll give it a try (never thought about searching for a solution on the web). I also use if for tennis scoring, and have problems with the buttons not registering (and I see there's some help on the interweb on that too).

I'll save you time on determining compatibility for the Xiaomi, and frankly, the answer is 'No' since it has a proprietary operating system that's not that popular. GolfPadf would go broke if they supported every watch out there, so they're only going to support the major players, and watches suitable for using the app (ie. no fitness bands).

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Jérôme Vallée posted about 5 years ago

 Thanks for your answer. I have tried to contact them with the link but it says that I doesn't have the permission...

If you have a screen problem with your Pebble, there is a simple fix, it's a bad screen contact, you just have to add foam in the watch to press the contacts and it's ok.

You can find tuto on youtube.

My Pebble have sink in water, I have found a Pebble Time quite new to replace it, so for now it's ok, hope the application is going to work for a long time.

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Walter Nerling posted about 5 years ago

Best thing to do is if there are doubts to compatibility from their listing...

.. is to contact them (at the bottom of that link) to get that verified before you buy. 

I like my old Pebble too, when the screen doesn't become scrambled after I hit a shot.

I like my refurbed Asus Zenwatch 2, except the battery lasts 10 holes.

I doubt that Xiaomi is supported, as it has its own OS. In my opinion, you should also be looking at a watch with NFC (which the Xiaomi doesn't have) if you have Tags (which is supposed to be on the new feature roadmap). 

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