Here are links to the watches that many users are currently using and have a proven track record of functioning well with Golf Pad.

Current models:


Samsung Gear and Samsung Galaxy (see the list of compatible models here)

Apple Watch (all series)

Wear OS watches. This link leads to Amazon, please check the devices shown are actually Wear OS devices or email us if you are not sure. Both Wear 1.0 and Wear 2.0 are supported. Some models:

. If you aren't sure your model is compatible, contact us to verify. 

Discontinued models:

Pebble and Magellan Echo are compatible with Golf Pad, however, they've been discontinued by the manufacturer and are currently in maintenance mode. As a result, Golf Pad compatibility may not continue to be supported.

NOTE: The links provided are informational only. Amazon may display other products that may or may not be compatible. iPhone users should only use an Apple watch. Currently, an iPhone paired with Samsung or Android watches will not be compatible with the app. If the technology changes, we will make this feature available.