New iPhone Compatible TAGS - Feedback Wanted!

A few weeks ago we announced our NEW Golf Pad TAGS. Any Golf Pad TAGS purchased after November 1, 2018 are now compatible with iPhone 7 / iOS 12 or later as well as Android. iPhone users rejoice!

Tracking your shots automatically means you can focus on your game and keep your phone in your pocket. Hundreds of you have already purchased your new set. 

We focus on user feedback to continue to deliver the best experience and features. We want to hear from you! 

1. Are you an Android or iPhone user? 
2. What were your thoughts about the set up process of the new tags? 
3. Have you had time to use them on the course? What did you like most about using them? 

Any other thoughts you'd like to share with the team?

Ready, set, GO...

Hi Phil - the main thing with tagging on iPhone is the reader is located at the top of the phone, near where the camera is located. Knowing this should help. Here's a video that walks through the iPhone scanning steps. It may be old news for you, but other forum readers may find helpful information here. 

I've emailed you about the course map issue so we can get it corrected. - Cindy

I've used the tags for a week now, 6 rounds. I carry the phone (iPhone 8+) in my left front pocket, screen facing out. I've experienced some inconsistency with regard to the phone recognizing the TAG. Sometimes just taking it out of my pocket and tagging again works. At other times I have to cancel then restart the Scan process to get the TAG recognized.

So far, with rounds taking less than 3 1/2 hours battery consumption has been roughly 40%, leaving 60% capacity.

I don't know if it is a phone issue or scan issue or map issue but after the round the representation of the shots on the course map are far from correct and almost every shot requires editing as to its location after the round.

I may try using a belt clip holster to see if that can resolve the tagging inconsistencies.

Hi Chris - thanks for sharing your feedback about maximizing your battery life on the course! I'll pass your feedback about the smart lock gesture. I don't think there is a way to turn it off in map mode. If I learn different, I will let you know. Otherwise, we'll take that as a great suggestion for future enhancement. 

Sixth time I’ve used the app on an iPhone 8. For best battery performance, I did the following: 1. Turned off cellular data on mail. 2. Turned off WiFi 3. Turned screen brightness down to less than 25% 4. Turned screen away from leg in my pants pocket. I had more than 40% battery left over after a four hour round. One suggestion though. If I have to unlock the smart lock to look at the course map and pinch to zoom in the map, sometimes it registers the gesture as a smart lock gesture. Can you turn off the smart lock when in map mode?

Hi Richard - thanks for letting us know. It would be surprising for Amazon to have shipped the previous version of TAGS since we stopped offering it 9 months ago... but not impossible considering the size of their shipping facility. The best way to check would be to see if the box has the "made for iPhone" designation on the front. Regardless, we have solutions for you. Just need you to send a new support ticket so we can get it resolved quickly for you. 

I just purchased the Golftags through Amazon and am unable to synch the tags to my iphone 7s.  Do I have old tags?  It is stuck on the Use LINK reader setting.  :-(  Help!

HI Brett - thanks for letting me know. I found the correspondence. For other's reference, I'll include the reply here:

"Unfortunately the NFC Scanning dialog and Cancel button are shown by iOS system, we don't have control over its appearance. Your idea regarding bottom bar being pulled accidentally makes sense. We'll make an adjustment to reduce the chance of it happening and will include it in the upcoming update. In the meantime please try flipping the phone screen when putting it in your pocket. Often times this makes a big difference."

Hi Cindy. I already did, but was told there was nothing that could be done :(

HI Brett - please send a support ticket so we can look into this issue of the Smart Lock allowing other inputs while you are playing. We can help figure out if it's a local issue with your phone or something else. Thanks! 

I use a tech21 (EVO Wallet) make of cover. It covers the whole phone as a protection. But in golfing terms it stops you touching the screen in your pocket and activating music !

Frank - what case are you using? Can you provide me a link? I played another round last night, and continued to have the same issues with the screen unlocking in my pocket while on Smart Lock

Hi Chris - thanks for the update. I'm glad to hear your battery issue is improved. Regarding the issue when editing the scorecard and the random "unlock" of the smart lock, will you kindly submit a support ticket. We'll look into why this is happening and get it resolved. 

Remember the NFC reader is located at the top of the iPhone. That should help you position the tag in the right area to get a reliable scan. 

Regarding the screen unlocking, I think I know what is happening. If you got the cancel button on the scan prompt during smart lock, it exposes the bottom bar.. Due to movement, I'm guessing both the cancel button is pressed by my leg, and the bottom bar is being pulled; this unlocking the phone. Would it be possible to replace the cancel button with a gesture instead?
I completed my second round with the tags. I turned of WiFi and email push and the battery seemed to last much longer, almost 20% left with 4-5 holes left. I went ahead and plugged in my portable charger though. I have had the screen unlock a few times with the phone in my pocket. I assume it is from touching my leg. I’m going to try with the screen facing away from the leg. I have also had problems while editing the scorecard after playing with the screen lock coming on when I try to zoom in on the course map. I have to turn the tag reader off during editing. I also had problems with, the phone reader not picking up the tag. In those occasions, I had to take the phone out of my pocket and read it directly. It could be the angle between the club shaft and the end of the phone since the phone moves around in my pocket and/or the otter box case. I’ll keep experimenting to see what works best.
I haven’t had this happen, but my case has a screen cover. This would decrease any potential issue as I can’t touch the screen in my pocket
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