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Changes brought to courses by users

Hi guys,

I use every weeks you app with tags and I made some changes to 2 courses I played on this week.

I'd like to know how I can make sure that the changes I made to those courses are really done by your team (or approved by you guys?)

Then, I'd like to know how you guys assure that the changes brought by users are really accurate?



Hello Antony! Thanks for making those course edits. All user submitted edits are reviewed and approved by our team before making them public for other users. We use our internal resources (satellite images, course details) to ensure the changes are accurate. Thanks for being a loyal Golf Pad user!

Thank you for the quick reply!
Is it long before the changes are approved normally?

The time can vary though we try to get all reviewed within a few days. What are the courses you submitted? We can see about having them expedited. 

Yeah both courses I edited has changed like 5 minutes after I made the changes...

I was just curious :-)

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