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Samsung Gear not working with app now

Recently Samsung Gear 3 watch has updated their software and the app will not stay open on the watch. None of the features like shot recording or advancement of the hole work. Any solutions?

Thank you for letting us know about the issue you are seeing with the watch. Our team is working with Samsung to resolve this ASAP. We've been notified that Samsung will be publishing the update that resolves this mid-week next week. Be sure you update to the newest version when it's available. Please let us know if you continue to experience any issues after the update.

Hi Cindy! Do you have any news on this issue?

I've the same problems mentioned by Mike.

Mike and Marcelino - looks like Samsung released an update today and it seems to have solved the issue. Let me know if that's not the case.

I have no upgrade available right now. I'll check it in the following days. Thanks Cindy. Regards.
I also have the issue. Have all the latest software, app, etc. When using the app on the S3. Continuously need to relaunch the S3 app from the watch. Doesn't want to stay open 
I did the Samsung update two days ago and still having the same issue. I tried the app today and I had to reopen it every time on each shot.

Christopher, Kindly confirm you have version 3.1.4 of Golf Pad watch app and have restarted the watch. You can see the version of the app within Gear app on the phone by selecting Apps / Golf Pad. 

Checked and I have 3.1.4. I am playing Monday and i will confirm if the app is working properly. Thank you


If you are having trouble making Golf Pad distances display when you look on my Gear watch during a round, please follow these steps.


For Gear watches running Tizen 2 operating system: you can adjust this in settings, right on your Gear watch:

- Tap the settings icon

- Select Display

- Tap on Wake-up Gesture

- Select Last Viewed Screen

With Tizen 3 update, Samsung has removed the option for showing the last used app automatically. We are investigating the options for working around the limitation and will update this article as soon as we have any news. In the meantime you can make it easier to resume the Golf Pad app using home button double-press action. Step by step instructions:

- Make sure Golf Pad app is installed on your Gear watch

- Open settings on Gear

- Select Device

- Select Double press Home

- Choose Golf Pad

Thanks Christopher - we'll look for your update on Monday. Happy New Year!

App now stays open during the whole round on Samsung watch. Only problem I had was when I was trying to go to next hole it would skip by two so I had to use my phone to go to the next hole. I'm just glad app stays open now.
Thanks Christopher.

Christopher - are you seeing this two hole advance consistently or was it just a fluke? If it's all the time, we'll open a support ticket to look into it.

Yes it is consistently. I played again today and it would skip a hole. Like after hole 1 it would go to 3,5,9. I had to hit next on the phone to move to the correct hole.
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