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Fitbit support

I see that Fitbit wearables are not supported by GolfPad currently. Any plans in the near future to do so? I'm in the market for a smartwatch/fitness tracker and FitBit seems to fit the bill for me. 

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I'm also faithfully waiting for compatibility with Fitbit charge HR. Thanks

Since Fitbit has bought Pebble, this becomes even more improtant as Pebble as a stand alone is going away.

Request Golf Pad team to let us know if it is in the works.


We do not have immediate plans to support any of the Fitbit wearables. If we see enough interest from users, obviously, it is something we will look into. Perhaps, with the latest happenings with Pebble this is something enough users will ask for. 

so what's the logic in not supporting the largest platform of fitness wearables? Seems counter-intuitive to me that's all. Thanks! Hope to see Fitbit support soon!

When I started looking into smartwatches, I looked at the Fitbit fitness trackers. I don't know how you'd fit all the information normally displayed on the face of my Pebble on them, as most of their offerings are just too small. In my opinion, in order to display on course GolfPad info (front, back, middle of green, hole number, par#, strokes/putts), you need the display to be as big as a normal watch face, which most of their models are not.

Now with Fitbit acquiring Pebble, they are only supporting them for 2017. Thanks Fitbit/Pebble. Once my Pebble dies, I'll look elsewhere at Samsung, Asus, etc.

P.S. Not only is the screen size an issue, I couldn't see anybody really being happy using a model like the Fitbit Charge since it only has one button on it. My Pebble has 3 buttons, and even four would be advantageous when navigating menu items say, to mark a penalty. With only one button, how would this even be possible, and if it was, it would take so many clicks that a user wouldn't be happy?

Even looking at the Blaze which has more buttons and is a larger size, the actual active screen is pretty small, so the text would have to be tiny to display the normal GolfPad screen info I see on my Pebble. Bottom line is it seems that Fitbit focuses on fitness tracking, while ideally GolfPad users need more of a smartwatch format. Maybe that will change with the Pebble acquisition, but if you plan on using a device to use with GolfPad, in my opinion there's so many other choices out there more suitable and of better value.

Hi, any plans to add Support for Fitbit Blaze or Versa? Versa even has NFC built in.

Hello! We are going to add support for Fitbit watches in this year. 

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Great! Fitbit support is much anticipated and will be appreciated by many I believe!

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@Alyona Retunskaya any timeline as we have been waiting for a long time.

Any news ??? At least can you provide an api to make developers able to do something on there one...

Lmao a year ago: "Hello! We are going to add support for Fitbit watches this year."

Today: *Checks app* Still no Fitbit support

lmfaooo glad I didn't hold my breath on this one. FYI I stopped using this app because it's annoying to have to take out my phone every stroke to get accurate distances.

Do better.

We investigated Fitbit support, and unfortunately they do not support phone+watch companion apps like Pebble used to. We hope Fitbit will open up their SDK in the future.

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