We think that you will love Premium features! If you've tried Golf Pad Premium and did not enjoy the functionality, please contact our support team. Support will help resolve any questions or technical issues so you can fully enjoy your upgrade. If you still don't find Premium useful or you need to cancel for another reason, you can do so at any time. Just follow the instructions here. Once cancelled, your subscription will not be auto-renewed (Premium features will remain available through the rest of the current period).

If you just got Premium and feel it isn't a good fit after a couple of golf rounds, please contact us for a refund. Note, we can arrange a refund if a payment was made on our website or in-app via Google Play. Just send us your order ID according to this instruction: How to find my order number? For iPhone, please follow the cancelation instructions here. Golf Pad is not able to refund AppStore subscriptions on your behalf. This is a limitation set by Apple.