We are sorry to see you go. After cancellation, we hope you'll continue to enjoy the free Golf Pad GPS app. 

NOTE: When you subscribe again after cancellation, the subscription will renew at the then current price. If you have a lower rate now, please consider letting our support team assist with any issue so you can maintain your lower price for the future.

Issues With The App?

If you're experiencing issues or have questions about Premium, please get in touch so we can help resolve it.

Android/Google Play Subscribers

If you have an Android phone, please follow the instructions in this page to cancel. 

iPhone Subscribers

For iPhone, please follow the cancelation instructions here. Golf Pad is not able to cancel Apple subscriptions on your behalf. This is a limitation set by Apple. 

Golf Pad Website Subscribers

If you purchased Premium on www.golfpadgps.com the fastest way to cancel is through the Player Dashboard

  • Navigate to "settings" in the upper right corner

  • Click the "cancel subscription" link. 

If you have issues with the dashboard, please contact us and we'll process the cancellation for you.