This articles provides descriptions of scoring formats and side games currently available in Golf Pad Events.  We are continuously working to bring you new features and formats. A list of potential new features can be found here.  

Scoring formats:

  • Stroke Play - Stroke play is a cumulative score competition, where the golfer with the best overall score at the end of the round, or number of rounds is deemed the winner. In stroke play you are battling the course, and trying to out play the competition.
  • Stableford - Is a stroke play format that can be played as an individual or team event. This format uses a point system established in the rules of golf, under rule 32. The goal is to amass more points than your opponents throughout the round or competition, based on the point system below: 
    • 0 points - Double Bogey or worse
    • 1 point  - Bogey or one over par
    • 2 points - Par   
    • 3 points - Birdie or one under par
    • 4 points - Eagle or two under par
    • 5 points - Double Eagle or three under par
    • 6 points - Four under par
  • Modified Stableford - This format is very similar to Stableford with the main difference being the use of a point system other than what is set in the rules of golf. The event organizer has the freedom to edit point values. In golf pad events the point values can be set between -10 to 10 pts.
  • Best ball - Is usually teams of 2, 3, or 4 golfers, and can be played as match or stroke play.  Each team member plays their own ball throughout the round. Upon completion of each hole, the lowest score from each team member is recorded as the team score.
  • Scramble - Is usually teams of 2, 3, or 4 golfers. All team members tee off, then the team selects the best result and everyone plays their next shot from this spot. This process is continued throughout the rest of the shots (including putting), until the ball is holed. 
  • Chapman - A format involving 2-person teams. Teammates both tee off and then switch balls and play the other persons tee shot. Team then selects the best second shot result and alternate shots in from there, until the ball is holed. Strategy is involved on selecting the ball to play after the second shots, as the player who's ball wasn't selected must play the 3rd shot. 
  • Alternate shot - A format involving 2-person teams, and can be played as match or stroke play.  Teammates alternate shots on each hole, throughout the competition.  Regardless of which golfer finishes the previous hole, teammates must alternate tee shots throughout the round. E.g. golfer A tee's off on all odd numbered holes, and golfer B tee's off on all even numbered holes.

Gross and net scoring available, as are automatic playing handicap calculations. 

Side games:

  • Longest Drive - Event organizer selects one or more holes prior to the competition. Generally par 5's are selected, but not always. The golfer who records the longest drive on these holes is the winner. Typically, but not always the golfers ball must come to rest in the fairway of the selected hole to count in the contest.
  • KP (closest to the pin) - Event organizer selects one or more holes prior to the competition. Generally par 3's are used, but not always. The golfer who's ball comes to rest closest to the hole on these holes is the winner. Sometimes, but not always the competitor must finish the hole with 2 putts following their tee shot, 3 putts disqualify the competitor from the contest.
  • Skins - Skins can be played individually or as teams, it can also be gross, net, or gross & net. In a skins game each hole is worth one skin. The golfer or team with the lowest score on a hole wins the skin. If two or more players or teams tie then no skin is awarded, and the skin is carrier over to the next hole. The player or team who wins the most skins at the end of the competition is the winner.

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