It's easy to check LINK status while playing. 

LED lights on the LINK reader

For a quick check, you can rely on LINK's LED lights. They provide the Bluetooth connection state as well as GPS lock state.

LINK status icon within the app

Icon states:

LINK is not connected
LINK is connected, but waiting for GPS location lock
LINK is connected and GPS location is locked

Don't see the icon during a round? Please be sure to enable Golf Pad LINK in preferences (see below).

In LINK settings

You can open LINK settings by tapping the LINK status icon (see above). Or using the following steps:

Tap the preferences icon:

Select "Golf Pad LINK/TAGS" (or "Golf Pad LINK" on iPhone):

See the current status, battery level, GPS signal strength and firmware version.

You can also assign or re-assign tags to clubs by scanning the tag against the LINK reader while in this screen.