LINK firmware updates

Modified on Wed, 06 Jun 2018 at 03:33 PM

About LINK firmware updates

We are always working on improving LINK functionality, making it faster and more reliable. Every once in a while you will see a prompt to update your LINK's firmware. Please be sure to perform the update at the earliest convenience. You can check current firmware version under Golf Pad preferences / Golf Pad LINK / TAGS. If an update is available you will see the option to start the update in there as well.

Preparing for the update

Firmware update usually takes around 20 minutes. You will not be able to track shots or use other Golf Pad features while the update is in progress. Please fully charge the LINK reader before starting the update or have the reader and phone connected to power supply. You can use your phone for other tasks as long as it stays close to LINK.

Performing the update

The update is performed automatically, over the Bluetooth connection. Simply start the update when prompted or from preferences. The reader will restart and enter the special service mode to process the update. The green LED light will remain lit for the duration of the update. Please be sure to keep the LINK reader and the phone near each other during the update. Once update is processed, the reader will restart again and you will receive a success confirmation in Golf Pad app.


  • If Golf Pad app shows a message 'Restarting LINK to begin the update', but nothing happens for 3 minutes or longer, please restart both the LINK and the phone and retry. If necessary, reset the LINK reader.

  • If update started successfully, but then you receive a message indicating it failed, please give it another try. This can be caused by an intermittent Bluetooth connection problem.

  • If update gets stuck and LINK does not respond, please reset the LINK reader and restart the phone, then give it another try.

  • If update failed after 2-3 attempts, please try another phone. You can borrow a friend's or family member's phone. Simply install the Golf Pad app, pair the LINK and start the update. There is no need to log in with your Golf Pad account. Please also let us know your phone's make/model so we can investigate compatibility problems.

Update history

Version 1: the initial release.

Version 2: fixes the problem that may cause some recorded shots to disappear, or show with an invalid date.

Version 4: includes faster GPS location lock and other improvements. 

Version 7: includes power management fix. 

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