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Posted 28 days ago by Ben

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Has anyone else had this happen??

I was playing this morning, everything was normal until it recommend I use my LW. I don't have a LW. I checked clubs in "my bag" under club settings and it was all messed up!

My 8i was gone, and a LobWedge was in? Gets better, i fixed that issue and as the game progressed I scanned my Driver tab, it registered my 9i. Somehow my drivers tab reprogrammed itself to be my 9i?? So weird. 

I'm still new with the tabs, I've been a premium subscriber for a couple years now and never seen anything like this. 

Anyone have suggestions?

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Ben posted 26 days ago

I don't have screen shots of anything if that's what you mean. I noticed it and fixed it on the fly. If it happens again I'll take screen shots and pass along for sure.

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Annie Mallory posted 26 days ago Admin

Hey Ben,

Can you send these details to They can access you account through your email and work through this. Nothing we have ever seen and def want to get this sorted out for you.


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