I figured out a good way to use the 15th tag to mark flag!

Posted 7 months ago by Anand Verma

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Anand Verma

Hi all. 

I'm a new user and I've been racking my brain for how to use the 15th tag to mark the flag and not look weird or hold up play. 

I saw an apple itag wrist band on Amazon and I bought it. Turns out the tag fits really well and the tag itself has a backing cap that 100% secures the tag inside and protects it from sweat etc. 

I used a pair of pliers to cut the plastic screw part off the tag. 

I didn't like the look of wearing 2 wrist bands so I then push the wristband under my watch and noone can see.

I leave my phone in my left pocket while I play (I'm a lefty) and so I should be able to quickly tap it while I pick up the ball with my right hand

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Dennis Tryon posted 3 months ago

Kindly how you are using this and why.  Simply saying you are marking the flag really does not say it all.

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