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Posted 7 months ago by Beat

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As an older player I have difficulties to read the HOLE, PAR and SCORE numbers on the main screen of my Wear OS watch (see picture attached). The small watch at the top is even more difficult (impossible) to read.
Changing font size is not helping as the fonts on this screen are not reacting with font size change, except the size of the small watch at the top, but on my screenshot the watch already shows the largest font size.
In all the other screens on the watch app, the font size is very good in my opinion.

It would be good to make these numbers larger, at least to show the numbers in BOLD font, so older players can see it.  

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Annie Mallory posted 5 months ago Admin

Glad you like the updates! Keep the suggestions coming and we will do our best to continue to improve!

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Beat posted 5 months ago

Very happy to see that with the new version 103 on the Wear OS app, now the font size of HOLE, PAR and SCORE is much larger and better readable, also the TRACK counter in the button integrated is a super feature. Thanks to the GolfPad team.

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