Golf Club Accuracy indicator in History

Posted 10 months ago by Skip Bales

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Skip Bales

What is the significance of the circle with a dot in the middle and A at the bottom right?

What Does a green check mark mean?

I assume the curved arrows mean missed fairway left or right?

Most of my shots show the circle and the A.  A very few have the green check mark.  A few have the curved arrows.

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Cindy Wren

Cindy Wren posted 10 months ago Admin

@Skip - thank for asking. Here is more information about the symbols in stats:

- "A" means auto-detected based on the shot location.

Green checkbox means that this shot reached the green.

- "Target" means fairway hit, "arrows" show mis-hits.

- "P" means that there was a penalty after this shot. 

We have an article with screenshots here for anyone else who may be interested. 

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