Galaxy Watch 6 Battery Drain

Posted 14 days ago by Mike Mayo

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Mike Mayo

I recently upgraded from a Galaxy Watch 4 to a Galaxy Watch 6. When I used my Watch 4 during a round in standalone mode with gps on, a full charge would drop to about 50% after a full 18 hole round. With my new Watch 6, I can't get thru a full round from a full charge. The battery dies around hole 16.

The only difference between the watches, is the Watch 6 has an LTE radio, but I have disconnected the mobile plan and turned off the mobile network radio, so it should be functioning exactly like the GW4. Has anyone else noticed severe battery drain on the GW6? I haven't noticed an update to the app since the launch of the watch, and I know Samsung is pushing out a lot of software updates, so I'm wondering what could be causing this additional 50% battery drain during a round.

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Cindy Wren

Cindy Wren posted 11 days ago Admin

@Mike - thanks for your post. I've created a support ticket so our technical team can take a closer look at this for you. I'm sure they will have questions, so keep an eye on your inbox. In the meantime, I'll leave this public forum post up in case other users have experience to share. We appreciate your question and support. - Cindy

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