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Posted about 1 year ago by Steve

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Wondering what I might be doing wrong. I only tag my own shots/round. Scan each club as I'm about to use it.... seems to work fine, until, all of a sudden, I move to the next hole and have a dozen shots already added with a message o each to select club.

I have to then delete all of these and start that hole clean.... this past weekend I suddenly had a different name (I'm the only one with a profile) I was a woman player, but the good news my handicap was down to 7 from my regular 26

Last week the issue was the scoring - having started on stableford net, I was suddenly stableford gross and again I had changed sex.

Tempted to play off the forward tees, but in truth would like to figure out what is interfering with the system.... anyopne seeing similar, or has a solution?


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