Samsung Watch 5 battery life

Posted about 1 year ago by John Shacklett

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John Shacklett

I've been using my watch to log my rounds for a while now, but I've only recently started using Standalone Mode.  

The issue I'm having is that the watch doesn't always last until I finish the round. This is a watch issue and not an app issue, as near as I can tell. 

My question is for other Samsung Watch users: have you discovered any tricks or hacks that you use to try and help stretch your battery life out longer? Last time I played, my watch crapped out after my second shot on #17, so just a tiny improvement would have made all the difference. 


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Bill Kahn posted 3 months ago

Michael Burnette - if you haven't already, read my post on this topic from 6 months ago. If you are using the Galaxy Watch 5 40mm, then that small battery is your problem. If you are using standalone mode, stop and switch back to connected mode, carrying your smartphone in your pocket (note: go to phone settings, advanced features, motions and gestures, and turn off "double-tap to turn on/off screen", plus any others, like "palm swipe to capture", etc.). Also, if you're starting your 3rd season with that watch, you may be experiencing the slow death of your watch's battery. A Li-ion battery that small isn't likely to have a useful life of more than 3 years. At some point, it just stops holding a charge like it did when it was new. It will show "Charged 100%", but it will drain and go dead much faster than when it was new(er), eventually not even lasting 12 hours. Unfortunately, the warranty is only for 1 year. If you're only experiencing "rapid battery drain" when using GolfPad, my guess is that you will eventually start seeing that rapid battery drain whether you are using GolfPad or not. When you get around to replacing your watch, you should consider the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, for the reasons mentioned previously. 

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Annie Mallory posted 3 months ago Admin

Michael, can you send an email to This is not a known issue and our support team would love to work through this with you.

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Michael Burnette posted 3 months ago

I have been using the premium version for 2 seasons on a Galaxy Watch 5 40mm with no issues until last 3 rounds. Now the battery drains by hole 12. When not using this golf app, watch shows 2 days of charge. I will try making some of the above changes to my settings to see if that works. I hate going backwards when an app was near perfect for me, then needs work around.

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Bill Kahn posted 8 months ago

John, the 40mm version of the regular Galaxy Watch 5 model comes with a 284mAh battery, whereas the 44mm model has a bigger 410mAh unit. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro model, on the other hand, packs an even bigger 590mAh unit. If you have the 40mm version, then all I can say is I'm sorry that you didn't do more research before buying that model. I'm assuming that you don't have the "Watch5 Pro" model, because that's what I'm using, and I have no battery drain issues whatsoever. That said, here are some suggestions... (1) consider using connected mode and carry the smartphone in your pocket while you play. I do this because, although most of the time, I only check my watch for yardage info, there are times when I want to check the full overhead satellite view on my phone, in order to check distances and shot alignment on blind shots. If you do continue using standalone mode, I suggest that you adjust your Watch5 Display settings - I happen to like to turn my 'Brightness' up to 100% to make it as easy as possible to read in bright sunlight. But if you're having battery drain issues, you should lower the brightness as much as you can. I wouldn't use "Adaptive Brightness", as that is likely to increase display brightness automatically... I'd rather control that manually and cup my other hand around the watch if it's harder to see in bright sunlight. Also, turn off "Always On Display", and turn on "Raise wrist to wake" and/or "Touch screen to wake"... this way, your watch display will dim completely when you're not looking at it, and turn on only when you lift your arm and turn your watch so it faces upwards (or tap your watchface). Also check your "screen timeout setting". I have mine set to 30 seconds. You might want to set yours to the minimum 15 seconds... the "1-minute setting" is definately too long if you're having battery issues. I don't do this, but you might also want to experiment with the "Do Not Disturb" setting. I believe that this is related to sleep mode, when you would be wearing the watch to detect physical changes while you sleep, but wouldn't want the watch to signal you when the phone receives a notification, text message, or incoming call. That's all that I can think of... just don't turn on "Power-Saving Mode", as that would disable all functions on the watch other than displaying the correct time of day. Hope this helps...

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Nik Gilbert posted 12 months ago

I've only recently got both the watch and the app, but I am noticing even when I haven't used the app, and it's not showing in the list of running apps on the watch, it's always the top app for battery usage. Not sure if that's normal ? Seems a bit odd to me 

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John Shacklett posted 12 months ago

I'm not sure I understand, how does closing the screen on your phone help with the watch battery life?

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Gayle Graf posted 12 months ago

I've had the same issue. What I usually do is to close the screen on my phone instead of letting it run constantly in the background and that saves a lot of battery.

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