Lost Balls from Teeshot

Posted about 1 year ago by Jonny Gibson

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Jonny Gibson

Awesome app.. I used it for the first time today. I mistakenly was only tracking from my 2nd shot during the round, but successfuly added my tee shots and corrected a few issues when I got home. My question is about wayward tee shots. I sliced a tee shot, hit a provisional ball from the tee, then took a penalty drop with the provisional ball, so I was playing shot 4, as the 1st ball in play. How do I correctly edit this? I had just tapped the "add penalty" 3 times then tracked from where I dropped the ball.

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Andrew Hirst posted about 1 year ago

Click 'Add Penalty' then add another tee shot. If the shots aren't in the right order you can reposition them by holding the three lines on the left of the screen and dragging it to the correct spot. 

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