Layup - which distance are they referring to ?

Posted over 1 year ago by Guillaume B

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Guillaume B

Hi Layup are very useful. However I would like to be sure what they are referring specifically:

Let's say I setup a layup of 100m:

1. is this distance calculated from the center of the green or from the green entrance ?

2. is the location of the layup adjusted with the slope from the layup to the green ? (when play-like activated)


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Jonathan Andersen posted over 1 year ago Admin

Hi Guillaume, Thank you for the questions on layups.

Yes, the customizable layup distances are from the middle of the green.

Both, depending on map settings.  The layup point remains actual distance to the center of the green. However, in map display settings you can select your preference between GPS, Plays-like distance or both. With both you can see actual GPS and plays-like to your layup targets. Also, if you tap anywhere on the map you will see GPS and plays-like distances to both this point, as well as from this point into the green. This allows golfers to anticipate the plays-like into the green from any point on the course.


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