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Handicap trend bug


In Statistics->Overview in the 9 Holes section Handicap trend in my app says "Not enough data" while I have played dozens of 9 Holes rounds (as tournament rounds). Anyone else experiencing this ? This is a key stat for me, I can't believe it's not working. I've mentioned it to the support team (I'm a pro user) and nothing has been corrected.



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I also have the same issue.  Support: please fix this bug.

 George, do you also play 9 holes only ? I thought maybe the issue comes from that, like zero 18 holes might makes the software bug...

I play 9 and 18, but the handicap trend section states that there is not enough data from the 9 hole rounds to include them in the handicap calculation. The 9 hole rounds should be included. 

I read that 20 rounds are needed to calculate the WHS handicap (or 40 rounds of 9 holes). So I included them from my list of 72 (stroke play) but I still get the error Not enough Data. I don't know what to do next...

I have well over the required amount, been using this golf app since it was first published, and I still get the error. 

The support team typically takes months/years to fix bugs. Don’t hold your breath.

wow, that's sad. Do you recommend any other app with similar functionalities ?

I’ve tried just about every Android golf app, but GolfPad is still the least problematic option.

I was on the Apple platform for a short time (family pressure) and used FunGolf GPS, which I believe is now called Tag Heuer Golf. This is a very good app and I wish it was available for Android.

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