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Posted 10 months ago by Michael Tokarski

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Michael Tokarski

 I'm getting my first superstroke putter grip and I've heard that the golfpad tags don't fit. Can anyone here confirm that, please?

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Robert E Calkins IV posted about 1 month ago

Just adding in my comment for anyone who comes across this - I took Jeremy's advice and took the metal cap off my super stroke putter grip, and then used as much bluetack, mounting putty (from target) to have the plastic tag stay on. It worked through one round just great. Its a relatively easy solution in my mind. just have to buy the stuff from target for a few bucks. 

(FYI I used this from target -

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MR JEREMY M KRONK posted 9 months ago

I cut stem screw off and Bluetack on

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John Broadis posted 10 months ago

The super stroke has an removeable aluminum center piece in the end. I unscrewed it then used a 3/16 drill bit to enlarge the hole. 


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Jonathan Andersen posted 10 months ago Admin

Hi Michael, This is correct, the current Golf Pad Tags do not fit properly on the super stroke putting grips. The good news is we have a solution for this in process! We're working swiftly to bring this solution to you and all other Golf Pad users that enjoy using the super stroke putter grips. Stay tuned, and we'll share more on this as we get closer.

In the meantime, you can track your putts in the app. More details/settings on this here. 

Thank you,  

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