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What does P mean in accuracy


If I look at the historical data for my clubs, there is an "accuracy" column. Sometimes there is a target icon with an "A" under which I interpret as on target (am I right?), sometimes there is a left or right-side arrow, which I interpret as being either left or right to the target, but there are also cases where the icon is a circled "P" (like a parking sign). What does that mean?


Great question. You'll notice the toggle for the shots marked with a "P" is turned off. This indicates that that shot doesn't have position data and can't be included in distance statistics. You could go back into the round settings in the Golf Pad app to edit the shot. Here are the details about how to edit a shot after the round is complete. Thanks for using the app! Let us know if you have any other questions.

Just to add to the above answer, the "P" usually means that the shot incurred a penalty (out of bounds, or whatever), and hence the accuracy can't really be determined. 

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