Is there a way hide your current score during a round until the end?

Posted almost 2 years ago by Roarke Randall

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Roarke Randall

Title says it all pretty much. I'd like to hide my score until I've finished the round. I always get in my head near the end if I see I'm going low.

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Roarke Randall posted almost 2 years ago

Hi Cindy, 

Thanks for forwarding the request to the team. I have looked into the tags, but I'd still be looking at the app to get the club/plays like suggestions. 


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Cindy Wren

Cindy Wren posted almost 2 years ago Admin

Hi Roarke - thanks for the question. It's easy to get inside our own heads when playing golf! We don't have a way to "hide" the score, however, I'll pass this suggestion to our team for consideration in the future. Have you considered using Golf Pad TAGS? It would allow you to track your shots and score automatically by tapping your club grip to your NFC enabled Android of Apple phone in your pocket. Then, you wouldn't see the score until you are ready to look. We even have refurbished Golf Pad TAGS sets available on eBay if you want to pay less than retail. I hope this helps! - Cindy

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