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Skins in Live Leaderboard

Hi Jon & Team - Been loving the app for a few years now.. but we have a major problem. 

How do we play a group net skins round?  We've been using this for a year and it's imperative to our golf round enjoyment.  Am I missing something? Not currently available in Leaderboard?

Are there plans to give us the Skins functionality back?  We need it ASAP.



Hi Jeff - thank you for your comment and for being a long time Golf Pad user. I've spoken with the development team and confirmed they are actively looking into this. I don't have a specific timeline right now. If you have any other feedback or comments on Live Leaderboard, do let us know. We are listening! - Cindy

I really miss the group skins game also. Can you down Rev the app until all the features are in place?

Travis - sorry for my delay in replying. It took a bit to hear back. I confirmed there is no way to download a back dated version. We are working on an adding Skins for Live Leaderboard. Please keep an eye out for updates. I do not have a specific launch date, but we are working on it currently. 

Thx Cindy... And Match play next and Nines next please.

Hi Jeff - duly noted! I'll be sure to let the team know. :) 

Hi Cindy... How goes it?

Hi Jeff - Skins to Live Leaderboard remains a high priority for a our team. As Cindy shared, specific release dates are difficult to predict, but I will provide updates here as we get closer. 

Thank you for your feedback on Matchplay and Nines as well.

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