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Posted almost 2 years ago by Paul B. Dickey III

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Paul B. Dickey III

Hi.  I'm fairly ne to GolfPad and golf for that matter.  I am using it on an iPhone.  My main things that GolfPad can help me with right now are keeping my score and helping me to select which clubs I should use.  For that reason, I am trying to figure out the least keystroke method of accomplishing these two objectives.  I don't want to look like someone obsessed with my phone when I am out trying to enjoy a game of golf.  The one aspect of golfpad that seems like it takes me too many keystrokes is putting.  Once I land on the green, I want to be able to let golfpad know I landed, so it can calculate my last club distance, and then I really don't care about recording my puts other than for keeping score.  For some reason, when I choose my putter as my next club, it insists on asking me whether I am on the green, the rough, or some other surface (I can't remember right now).  Isn't there an easy, one-keystroke, way to tell it I'm on the green, and then enter the number of puts after I'm done putting?  I have found the three different settings for putt tracking (track all putts/track first putt only/do not track putt locations), but this setting does not seem to reduce the necessary keystrokes for me.

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Paul B. Dickey III posted almost 2 years ago

Thank you so much!  This is definitely something I have not tried.  Looking forward to trying it out on my next round ...

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Jonathan Andersen posted almost 2 years ago Admin

Hi Paul,  Thank you for choosing Golf Pad! 

We appreciate your feedback and our team constantly working to make our features as user friendly as possible. 

For the situation you described I think it would be best to choose the setting "track first putt only." When you arrive to your approach shot into the green, the option with the least amount of key strokes would be to tap +PUTT (one keystroke) on the lower righthand side next to track shot option. This will add the putt to your shot list and the default lie position will be on the green, you can change the lie for any putts if you want to. Use the same +PUTT option for any other putts and then advance to the next hole. When you track this way you will have the distance and direction info for the tee shots, fairway shots, and shots into the green along with the total number of putts.

We also have some quick one/two touch options on compatible smartwatches. 

-Thank you

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