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Tag/Ball Marker Integration

I had the idea of cutting the screw part off one of my tags and gluing it to a metal ball barker somehow.   Mainly because my new putter grip won't allow me to screw a tag into it and I found I didn't like carrying a loose tag.   Has anyone done anything like this?   Is the tag durable enough to be banging around in a pocket, put down on wet greens, etc?  I'm also a little worried about how thick the profile of the marker would be and if a ball rolled over it and if that could affect other player's putts.   Any thoughts from anyone?

If anyone is interested, this is what I did.  I removed the grip screw from a tag, then sanded it down flat.  I used some club repair epoxy to glue a metal ball marker to the bottom side of the tag.   This metal marker fits on a magnetic ball repair tool which makes it really easy for me to keep track of it, and ensures that I will have it on the green with me.  



I guess the downside is that if someone putts over that, they won't be happy with me.   Someone may find this useful to assign a flag position tag or some other function   Maybe in the future, a magnetic tag would be a good option to include in the set.

Thanks for asking. If you feel like attaching the top of the tag to a ball marker, the tag is up to the task. Otherwise, our best suggestion would be to just place the tag in your pocket "loose". Let's see what other users have to say as well, but from a technical, durability standpoint, the tag would be fine attached to a marker.  - Cindy

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