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Golf Pad Tags don't work with OnePlus OS12

This is probably more of a warning to others than anything else. OnePlus has removed the option to disable "lock instantly with power button" from it's OS12 software. Not having that option makes the Tags useless. If anyone else has had the same issue and found a work around, I'd love to hear it. I created a support ticket and "Tech Support" was of no help at all.

Hi John. Thanks for your forum post. As indicated in our answer to your support email, if someone experiences this with this particular phone, you can ignore the "disable lock instantly with power button." error message and use the "tag" icon to enable SmartLock. 

Just an FYI: I have the same problem with Galaxy s22+ and Android 12 that I recently upgraded to. I've logged a support ticket. So I think this is not isolated just to you and your phone.

The work around they will give you does not really work. You can test it at home and think it's working, but when you actually put it into practice at the course it eventually fails during the round and you're left messing with you phone half the day. Makes for an annoying round of golf. I finally gave up and just went back to entering my clubs manually. I have $99 worth of useless Tags.

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That is EXACTLY what happened to me today. I played 9 holes. normally takes me about 1hr 45 mins. The round took almost 2 and a half hours because of the time I spent messing with the phone app trying to get the tags working properly.

John, Michael - if you haven't already, please reach out to our support team so we can help - including providing return instructions if you decide to return TAGS. We stand behind our product and want everyone 100% happy with their purchase.

I understand each of your frustrations and appreciate you bringing it to our attention. As I'm sure you can imagine, it's impossible to predict changes individual phone manufacturers may implement at any point in time.  Our team, who are dedicated and passionate about providing the best experience for our users, work quickly and tirelessly to solve things like this when they arise. 

On the other side of comments like "was of no help at all" are real people who's job it is to help solve these issues. We aren't cogs in a wheel at a beige cubicle bank - we are a small team that cares and is here for you.  We are fortunate to work for a company who's concern for customer satisfaction is more than part of a little known mission statement posted on a plaque in the lunchroom. We live and breathe it every day.

If a solution presented doesn't work, please let us know. That gives the team more information to continue to solve the issue. 

- Cindy

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