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Editing a round on a PC?

I've discovered that sometimes Golf Pad will link two holes together and although all the shots are there, the order and how it was played is totally wrong. Also, sometimes I would forget to tag a club so my score is wrong and I need to edit the hole. I would much rather do this at home on a larger screen and not on my phone as I'm playing a round.

Is it possible to edit a round of golf at home on your PC? If so, how?

Thank you.

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Agreed, would be nice. The Windows Phone Link app lets you run the phone app remotely from your pc. Not ideal, but you do get the larger image, your mouse works, etc.


Hi Brian. That's a great idea but I was looking for a Golf Pad PC application that would allow me to set my phone aside and perform edits entirely on the PC. 

Thank you.

Guys - If all you're looking for is a larger screen, you can cast your phone screen to your PC using Windows Phone Link.

Hi Garry, I agree fully with you. I also would like to edit the round on the large screen on the PC later rather than on the phone only. However the GolfPad PC application interface is too limited and needs serious improvement to allow this.

Let us hope for some progress, regards.

Hi Beat, thanks for your reply. Although editing the round on your phone is possible, I believe it would be much more productive to do this on your home computer on a larger screen. After posting my topic I discovered there's no way to edit on a PC but I keep hoping that someday this might change.

The linking of holes is still a problem so I'm going to try disabling the "Hole auto-advance" feature and see if that makes a difference. Hopefully this will reduce the amount of edits required to clean up my data. I would rather make any edits after the round since I don't like fooling around with software when I'm on the course. 

Have a great round!


I don't think you can edit on your PC, I also searched for this ability but did not find any edit, you can just view the rounds and stats.

But on you phone it is very convenient to edit your round later, and all corrections are updated in the database and are visible then on the PC. So I don't really need to edit on the PC anymore.  

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