"Short Game" strokes gained when chipping vs putting from off the green

Posted over 2 years ago by Tyler Purvis

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Tyler Purvis

I have had the pro version of this app for several months and have used it for 30+ rounds. I have been impressed with the stat tracking. My questions are concerning the "short game" strokes gained statistic, as well as what is considered a "chip" when calculating "putts after a chip". 

Most holes I will miss the green on my approach shot. If I hit a chip shot, I obviously will select "track shot" and then select CH for club type. If I am on the fringe or just in the fairway or rough, I will often use my putter. I press "track shot" - I select "putter" - and then select the lie of the shot (fringe, fairway, or rough). The app correctly does not label these shots as a "putt" for recorded putting statistics. 

1. Is a putter shot from off the green considered a "chip"? (ie contribute to the "average putts after chip" statistic?) Or must I select the "chipper" club type for it to be considered a "chip"?

2. How does the "short game strokes gained" statistic work? Does it consider all types of short shots (putts, chips, short pitch/flop) after a missed green on approach

3. How does the algo determine the quality of a short shot (or the following putt(s) for that matter)?

Thanks in advance!

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Cindy Wren

Cindy Wren posted over 2 years ago Admin

Hi Tyler - First, thank you for using the app consistently and sharing your experience. We appreciate your detailed questions. I'm going to ask the team who are much more knowledgeable than me for their input. Stay tuned. - Cindy

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