Phone vibrates when selecting a club on my watch

Posted over 2 years ago by Alan Weir

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Alan Weir

I have a TicWatch GPS and a Samsung S20 running GolfPad 16.1

When I touch Track and select a club on my watch the phone vibrates. How do I disable that?

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Beat posted over 2 years ago

Me too, I have TicWatch GPS with GolfPad Version 33 on watch and Version 16.1 on my Samsung S10.

Like you my watch vibrates when I select a club on my watch. I find the vibration feedback good, as sometimes the watch app is so slow in the past that I was not sure that the watch took my club selection.

However the vibration is so weak that I can almost not detect it (I complained about this already). 

I think it would be very easy to have a switch in the watch app to enable/disable vibration feedback. But when enabled the vibration should be strong enough to feel it.


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