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Posted over 2 years ago by Keith Middlekauff

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Keith Middlekauff

I am a bit confused on the logins for these three items.

I read a post in regards to printing your scorecard and it directed to person to to get that done.

OK, great. So I head there and try all the passwords that I thought it could be with no success, so I went the route to change a forgotten password.

That seemd to work fine as I can log in to the web site and logout, then log in again so I know it is correct.

But I had a previous question and wanted to create a post and tried to use the same email and password there, and it does not work. I was able to get logged in enough to post the two topics by using a google login option. Is the forum site and the dashboard site two different sites? If not, why would the forums site not use the same user / password?

Now for the app. Does the app actually login? I can't find anywhere in the app where I could log out and then back in using the new password that I set earlier.

I know that all the rounds I have played using the app have been saved and are available on the dashboard. But does the app actually login? If it does, where can I find that logout/log back in so it is using the new password and the next time I play, the round is saved as expected.


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Keith Middlekauff posted over 2 years ago

Thanks again Cindy.

That is very helpful. In my scenario, I ended up playing another round without any modification in the app. So it seems that even though it did not use or know about the new password, the round data was accessible in the dashboard.

I do suspect that I may never have created a login on the dashboard and only did that when I switched to Premium.

For the most part, the app has seemed to work correctly, but it hasn't seemed to track the putts even though I marked the hole.

To be fair, both times I have used it with Tags, I have failed to pin the app as instructed. I will be playing again today so I will make sure it is pinned and then review my round after. 

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Cindy Wren

Cindy Wren posted over 2 years ago Admin

Thanks for asking about this. The Golf Pad Player Dashboard and support portal are two different things. We do not require an account to submit support tickets/forum posts. is the URL to access support, tutorials, etc.. is where you access the Golf Pad Player Dashboard to view and share your rounds on a web browser. The Golf Pad app allows you to play without registering an account, though we do recommend it and it's required to upgrade to Premium. 

When you tap "log out" your rounds will be removed from the phone, but not your Golf Pad account itself. So, when you log in again, your history will be there.

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Keith Middlekauff posted over 2 years ago

I did find a logout, Reset Password and Change account under the profile in the app. When I selected logout, it prompted me that it would delete all rounds so I definitely did not do that!

I had changed the password using the website rather than the app. So I still have questions on if the app will still be able to save the rounds or not because of the password change on the website.

I have thought that maybe I should changed it again using the app, and then use this new password on the dashboard website rather than the one I just set previously...

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