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Posted over 2 years ago by Keith Middlekauff

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Keith Middlekauff

So I have been using the free app to keep my scores since about June 2020. I recently received the golf tags and played my first round with them on the 31st.

For the most part, they seem pretty easy to use but I am wondering what people do with chip and punch shots.

If I am punching out from some trees with a 4i to the fairway, I really don't want that distance included with my 4i data.

The same thing applies to chips around the green with a variety of clubs.

Any suggestions or ideas as to what other folks do with this?

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Cindy Wren

Cindy Wren posted over 2 years ago Admin

Thanks for asking and congrats on getting TAGS! Golf Pad has an algorithm to exclude abnormally short or long shots from club distance statistics. So that chips, bump-and-runs, recovery shots, mis-hits, etc. do not impact the statistics or club recommendations. You can also manually review and include or exclude shots from distance statistics. 

To exclude a specific shot from your stats:

  • Tap Statistics on the home screen
  • Select Clubs
  • Chose the club you'd like to edit
  • Tap the History tab at the top of the screen

Next, you'll see a list of shots. Select the toggle switch to include or exclude a specific shot from your stats.

Hope this helps!

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Keith Middlekauff posted over 2 years ago

Thank you Cindy, that helps a lot!

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