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Pebble Watch stopped contecting

After the latest update to Golf Pad, the app no longer connects to my pebble watch. On Thursday I played a round with no problems at all - on Monday I load up the course on my phone but there is nothing on my watch. My husband has the same problem.

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Hi Brant - Thank you for being such an avid supporter. :) 

Update from the team:

"We appreciate the offer, but open-sourcing a portion of our codebase or setting up the NDA and access is not feasible. We love Pebble too, but it’s time to move on to the newer watches. They come with many new cool features that were not possible on Pebble, and we’re focusing our efforts on making our watch apps even better. "

Hey redirecting a dead thread to offer help. I am a software engineer and love two things in life, GolfPad and Pebble watch. I would be willing to do the development to allow Pebble to work on GolfPad. I am sure we could work out some way to open source that feature without opening up all your code. Or an NDA or something. Short of that, have you looked at the BangleJS watches. I have made several apps for those too. I could port the support to that
Oh, thank you guys! So happy. Now I can use my fav app again on my fav watch :-)) Maybe put this in your general Pebble instructions too, to avoid confusing?
The team delivered! For those of you who want to try to download an older version to try to restore Pebble/ Golf Pad compatibility. Here is a link to the file: 

You  will need to uninstall the current version from Google Play first and disable automatic updates so this version is not overwritten. You may need to enable installing app from unknown sources: You will miss out on all future app updates. We strongly encourage you to get a supported watch instead. Finally, this build may or may not work with Pebble and we can’t provide any support assistance if something does not work.

Hi Cindy,

Thanks for the update, perhaps if I lay out some specific questions they can be answered individually:

1) When you say "Android changes", this doesn't really mean anything, it's your App, not an Android update that stopped the Pebble working unless you can provide a little more clarification, it looks like GolfPadGPS have decided not to support the Pebble, I can't see how Google has dictated this?

2) As previously requested could the pre-update APK be made available for us to side-load, so we can use our pebbles again?
This can be obtained on the Internet, but it would be safer to use one that was sourced from you?



Bob (and all) - I've confirmed Pebble support was broken as a part of the latest Android changes. That's what broke compatibility. We can not fix this since support has been discontinued by Pebble for over 5 years now. - Cindy

Hi Cindy, Thanks for the update on this and the WearOS side, let's hope your technical team can do something for us Pebble users, it's still a great device and going strong. As I say, even if they can share the last Pebble compatible APK it would help, ideally it would be different to the main one so doesn't prompt for updates, but that's a nice to have and icing on the cake. Cheers Bob

Hi Bob - I'm referring to the folks at Google Play. They forced us to update something that essentially broke the Pebble support we'd kept in place for the last 5 years. As I understand it, without the change, they weren't going to allow us to submit any future updates on our app. (I'm not part of the technical team, as you can tell. LOL) I have made the team aware of the request. I just don't know how it all fits together from the technical side. 

As for WearOS - the "not all rosy" you mentioned are comments about standalone mode on the new OS. We are implementing those features -  everything else is supported and compatible currently. Feel free to contact support if you have questions about that @Linda.


Yes, apart from golf, I mainly use mine as a basic watch, not too many smart functions workable for me as my eyesight has gotten weaker over the last couple of years. But looking at the WearOS options they are very bulky and the battery life is pitiful, they are talking 2 days as being very good, I charge my pebble once a week normally Friday evening just before my Saturday game, even after owning it for a number of years, I bet the battery's on these WearOS watches will be even lower after a year usage!

I've also seen comments in the WearOS forum on here that there are issues with club/shot tracking, so not all rosy there either :(

Fingers crossed.


Thanks Bob for picking this up and getting a response from Golf Pad. There is still not another watch on the market as good as the Pebble - not every one wants a bulky sporty one.

Hopefully we can get the Pebble working with Golf Pad again Cindy.

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Thanks Cindy, Curious when you say App Vendor is that not yourselves? All we need is the last Pebble compatible APK, it is available from mirror sites, but would be good to have a bonafide version from yourselves. Regards, Bob

Hi Bob (and all) It seems the app vendor forced our hand on continuing support for Pebble. I'm awaiting additional info to see if there is a way to "roll back" the doesn't sound promising, but I'll keep you posted on any new info I receive. 

Thank you.

Hi Bob - let me check with the team. I'll let you know. 

Hi Cindy, Thanks for the response and yes, very true nothing lasts forever, but unlike the cassette tapes and CDs you mention, this was actually within control of your company and your developers. The very least I would have expected was some notice starting you would be dropping compatibly from.... that way your Pebble using customers could have prepared or chosen not to install the last update, instead of being left high and dry at the 1st tee! Can my app be reverted to the last pebble supported version?
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