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Posted over 2 years ago by John Fitrakis

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John Fitrakis

Don't buy. Bought an E2. Pairs fine but because it has only one button and poor response to touch it does not allow for using features from the watch. Also very hard to read except on cloudy days. Last but not least they have miserable battery life. Barely makes it through a round and the only on a fresh charge. Had the watch less then 3 months and battery life under normal use is down to 8 hours.

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Beat posted over 2 years ago

I use the Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 with GolfPad and I am very happy with performance and battery life. The watch operates with Wear OS 2.3 as Wear OS is announced only for mid 2022.
Anyway I don't need Wear OS 3 as the GolfPad App for Wear OS 3 has also limited features as the App for Wear OS 2.3. Features as club selection, putt out or standalone are promised, but we users still wait for the updated app having these features. 

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