How feasible is it to move TAGs across to a new set of clubs

Posted over 2 years ago by David Hutton

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David Hutton

Has anyone transferred a set of TAGS to a new set of clubs, and if so how did you find the process? Any difficulties or tips you'd flag?

Asking as I just bought a set of TAGS but have yet to install them.

I'm probably going to buy a new set of clubs next season (so in the next 6-9 months) as I've increased my swing speed over the last year and my spin numbers are now too high.

I originally planned to install the TAGS on my current set for the rest of the season and then move them over if/when I buy new clubs. But I'm a little concerned it might be difficult to remove them once installed. 

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks

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Cindy Wren

Cindy Wren posted over 2 years ago Admin

Hi John - thank you for chiming in with the additional feedback about assigning new clubs in the Golf Pad app. - Cindy

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John Broadis posted over 2 years ago

To reiterate, it's easy. Preferences (Gear icon top of the app screen) > Club Settings . You'll find what is in your bag. Select club you're replacing. Select Retire or Delete club. Add new club. Assign Tag. 

I find sometimes it doesn't "take" the first time. I think you need to remember to click the Check Mark, top left of the add screen. I mess it up by after assigning the tag, pressing the back key (Android).

I've 2 sets of clubs, both with tags. I use the Retire Club to move my sets in and out of the (app) bag. If you're never going to use those clubs again, select delete.

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Cindy Wren

Cindy Wren posted over 2 years ago Admin

Hi David - it's a pretty easy process to remove tags from one club to another. The post is like a "screw" so-to-speak so it just twists into the opening in the club grip. Just reverse the process to remove it. We have a warranty of 1 year. In the unlikely event you experienced any breakage during the process, we would replace the tag. 

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