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Posted almost 3 years ago by Chuck Akins

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Chuck Akins

Hey folks! So short backstory and then my question. I have spent last 16 years on pain management for my back. Only involvement in sports was watching. After a lot of years they finally found the magic and I and now in MUCH less pain. Decided to take up Golf, have never really played except here and there when I was a lot younger. Having spent a small fortune getting to where I am now I need to determine how best to proceed… all the questions about Tags & iPhone & Apple Watch, they seem like they are likely many updates ago. I have rangefinder, and I am getting the R10 when it comes off backorder and I want to have a Golf GPS/Caddie Assist so I can use the club tracker and all hole/shot data. I am 99.37% certain I am going with GolfPad but trying to determine the whole Apple Watch and Apple iPhone connection and how they work with the Tags. In some of the reviews and FAQ’s a lot of folks say if you have an iPhone and the Golf Pad app on your phone you do not need Tags. They say connect, sync iPhone & GolfPad app and then you can turn off your phone can turn off your iPhone until last hole. In my mind I think the GolfPad phone app can be great if it works properly. Back to tags…I have repeatedly seen reports (albeit older posts) that you can’t use a smart watch and the iPhone and Tags - is this true and if so, is there any benefit to Tags while playing on a course if you have a compatible Apple Watch? I still see a ton of benefit to uploading shot data of the my round from the Apple Watch to the app so I can use the app to review. But does the Apple Watch connect and gather all the data as if you were using your phone only? Seems the best use of Tags would be for Driving Range if I have an Apple Watch. Still don’t know if the iPhone has to be in my pocket when playing a round and if so do I select the Club by tapping my phone with the tag or simply use the watch to select club?

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David Elliott posted over 1 year ago

Hi Chuck, I know this is an old comment, but I’d love to hear which way you went… I recently subscribed to Golf Pad GPS Premium just to use the watch features instead of tags ( which I don’t have and have never tried) and the watch (without tags) is a great experience. I can start my round on the phone, confirm it has started on the watch, and then put my phone in my bag and manage the whole round on my watch by tapping the screen and selecting a club at each shot and swiping left to advance holes. If I feel I’ve missed a shot I just grab my phone and add it where required. No tags needed. Again, I know this is a late reply, but I hope it helps you or someone else. Cheers David

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