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Golf Pad GPS not available in galaxy store for Active 2

Hy everyone, can someone varify that Golf Pad GPS is available for Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Smartwatch? My phone has the latest samsung wearable app ( and is connected with my watch via bluetooth. When I look for "Golf Pad" in the galaxy store I dont get any hits. Even with the direct link to the app from the guide I dont find the app and land on the starting page of the galaxy store. I also tried to connect the watch with a different smartphone but same issue.

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Same issue here. A few days ago I used Golf Pad on my Galaxy Watch in combination with a Samsung Galaxy S9 phone. With that phone the app is listed in the Galaxy store. Now I try to use the watch in combination with a Google Pixel 2 and can't get the app in the Galaxy store. I'm going to try it with a Pixel 5 and will get back to this thread...
Golf Pad sent me a work sound for me Samsung Watch Active 1 that works. Good luck, Keith

What was the work around?

They told me that if you can find it in my apps, you can install it, but that only works if you had previously installed it somewhere.

Hi there, I can confirm the workaround. As previously mentioned I had the app running on my Galaxy Watch in combination with my Galaxy S8 (wasn't an S9). I created a backup with Galaxy Wear including the Golf Pad app. I then connected the Galaxy Watch with my Pixel 2 and found the Gold Pad in the list being marked as not yet downloaded. After tapping the download icon it installed and is available on the watch. Btw Golf Pad app is also not listed in the Galaxy store when I connect my watch to a Pixel 5. One thing surprised me however. I looked for the Golf Pad on a Samsung Galaxy S20FE and couldn't find it in the Galaxy Store either. The S20FE was connected with a Galaxy Watch 3.

We are aware of the issue. We've reached out to our contact at Samsung. They requested additional information and a report file from impacted devices. This process of sending the info to them only works on Samsung phones. If there’s a user with a Samsung phone who has this issue, please contact us via and we will work with you to get the information and deliver it to Samsung.

This will help them resolve it more quickly. We aren't trying to pass responsibility to Samsung, just stating the facts so we can get it resolved as quickly as possible. As I'm sure you understand, they control the content in the app stores, not Golf Pad. 

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Thank you for the update @Cindy! Hopefully Samsung can get this resolved quickly. I have a Pixel 5, so I'm not able to help get you what you need. :(

@Cindy Should the Golf Pad app be visible in the Galaxy Store in combination with A Galaxy Watch 3? If so I would be more than happy to provide such a report. However, I would need info as to how to create the required report.
I recently purchased a Samsung Actve2 Watch Golf edition and had no problem acquiring Golf pad app in Samsung wearable. I've used in standalone and it worked great. Love it.
Tried one more time today and yes it worked for me also. Seems like the problem is fixed
Yep, looks like we're good to go now!
Same here. Looks very much resolved for me, too.

Thanks everyone for confirming you are able to see the app now! 

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