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Golf Pad GPS not available in galaxy store for Active 2

Hy everyone, can someone varify that Golf Pad GPS is available for Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Smartwatch? My phone has the latest samsung wearable app ( and is connected with my watch via bluetooth. When I look for "Golf Pad" in the galaxy store I dont get any hits. Even with the direct link to the app from the guide I dont find the app and land on the starting page of the galaxy store. I also tried to connect the watch with a different smartphone but same issue.

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I have the same issue. I opened a support case a couple of weeks ago and was only told they have reached out to Samsung, but I think this qualifies as a known issue.

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Thanks for your answer, thought I am the only one with this issue. Unfortunately your answer is not really satisfying and doesnt let me hope they get it fixed soon. Thats quite hard because the standalone function was the only reason I bought a smartwatch and now it is more or less useless

I hear you.  I'm in the exact same boat. There is an issue out there that states this is an issue with "some android devices". I have an old iPhone at home.  I'm considering syncing my watch with that to see if I can install golfpad on my watch that way, then go back and sync it with my Pixel.  I'm not personally convinced that this is an android issue.

Well, I've already tried it with the android phone of my wife which is a different one to mine and it had the same problem so "some android devices" sounds also not very convincing to me

Months ago I launched Golf Pad on my Samsung Galaxy Active Watch from my phone.  Last week I loaded it onto an old Samsung Prime phone that I was going to use as a dedicated ' computer' for Golf Pad.  No problem except I discovered that that old phone had a faulty charging port.  So, back to my phone I thought.  However, I cannot find the Golf Pad App in the the WEAR Lifestyle section on the phone, yet it is still there on the Samsung phone.  Weird.

Yes I have the same issue and have just asked Golf Pad support to resolve it.

I have now since tried this on two iPhones, in addition to my pixel 3 with the same result.  I have Samsung Galaxy Active 2 watch.  I'm wondering if Samsung is filtering it out for that model only? Is anyone having this issue with different models of watch?

As of now the makers of GolfPad should not be advertising compatibility/availability with this model, as it clearly isn't the case.

I ordered a Samsung Galaxy watch 3 this week just to try it and same issue so it is not caused by active watch 2.

Keith - if you had it previously installed on your watch, you may be able to find it under the "my apps" section of the store and redownload it from there.  For those of us that have never had it installed, this isn't an option.

Man, I wish I saw this thread before going and buying an Active 2. There's no work around still?? I got that from Golfpad Support. It worked on my Samsung Watch Active, the first.
As far as I know unfortunately not. They are still investigating together with samsung. Very frustrating in my point of view.

It's ridiculous that no update has been provided.  I, like many here, bought this watch specifically because Golf Pad is supposed to be available for it. Their website still says it's available for the Active 2, which it clearly is not.  The problem is that the golf pad folks and the Samsung folks can just point fingers at each other.

I can imagine that the effort they put into fixing this issue with the tizen os is not very high because all new samsung watches get wear os so the development for tizen probably doesnt make sense anymore :(
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