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Posted about 3 years ago by Wayne Morgan

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Wayne Morgan
Wayne Morgan

When reviewing scorecards from completed rounds, the Fairway accuracy line indicating hits and misses have an 'A' beside some. What does the 'A' indicate

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Wayne Morgan

Wayne Morgan posted about 3 years ago

Thanks for that, such a quick response is greatly appreciated

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EJG posted about 3 years ago

I asked this question to the support team and got an answer. I told them they needed to put this info online but I see they have not taken the advice.... :-(

The legend is:

- 'A' means auto-detected based on the shot location.
- Green checkbox means that this shot is included in stats.
- 'Target' means fairway hit, 'arrows' show mis-hits.
- 'P' means that there was a penalty after this shot. 

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Michael Tokarski posted about 3 years ago

I'm curious about that, too.

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