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Posted about 3 years ago by Michael Tokarski

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Michael Tokarski

 OK, someone has deleted my previous post for some reason so I'll ask again.

What happened to group rounds? I can't find it in the app anymore.

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Cindy Wren

Cindy Wren posted about 3 years ago Admin

We’re replacing Group Rounds with Live Leaderboards, based on Golf Pad Events. Golf Pad Events is our free golf tournament management software. It's aimed to help anyone who organizes golf tournaments; from small groups of friends to professional directors and golf clubs.  Live Leaderboards provide similar functionality as Group Rounds. They make things easier to use, more flexible and will provide extra features users have been asking for.  There will be a transition time when Group Rounds are removed before Live Leaderboards are launched.  We’ll work to make the transition as quick as possible. We are grateful for everyone’s patience and understanding. We promise, it’ll be worth it! 

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