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Fairway Miss Analysis Chart

Can anyone explain the fairways miss analysis chart on the IPhone?  I understand it’s misses for left and right and I see the percentages, but what are the bars representing?  Thanks.

Todd - To clarify, this graph has vertical bars, and each bar represents stat for one round - if you click on any bar you will see details in the lower part of the screen. The whole bar represents 100%. So if you look at your screenshot, the left bar is about 85% green and 15% blue. This means it was 85% hits and 15% miss left.  The 5th bar is all green - so it's 100% hits, and so on. Let me know if you have follow up questions. - Cindy

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Hi Todd. Great question. I think you are referring to the graphical representation of the statistics themselves. In other words, its a way to visualize the information vs. just seeing the numbers.  If you want to share a screenshot, I can verify that's what you are looking at. - Cindy

Here it is?..


How do I interpret the screenshot?

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