Aerial View Yardages - What do they mean?

Posted about 3 years ago by Ty Rost

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Ty Rost

I've searched and can't find an answer to this. The 'aerial view' FAQ article doesn't cover it. :(

When in aerial view using the paid version, you can tap on the map to get club suggestions and yardages. Two yardages are shown: One is next to a arrow (white font) and one is next to a golf ball (green font).  What is the difference? I thought the one next to the golf ball (green) would be 'plays like' but for me it is ALWAYS longer than the other yardage, which I assume is actual yards. Even on a downward slope the green number is higher than the white number which doesn't make sense if it is 'plays like' yardage. The attached image is from the Golf Pad FAQ which shows the green number lower than the white number. So I am very confused as to what these represent.  Appreciate the responses and I love the app. 


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Cindy Wren

Cindy Wren posted about 3 years ago Admin

Hi Ty. Great question. Todd is correct in his response. Green is showing the PLAYS LIKE distance, which includes all the factors Todd mentioned. If you are seeing information that seems off, you can send feedback. Learn how here. From the main scorecard screen, you can tap the PLAYS LIKE distance to see the exact details contributing to the distance. Let us know if you have additional questions. - Cindy

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Todd Baker posted about 3 years ago

 Do believe the white is actual and green with the ball is plays like.  Plays like will factor in elevation change, temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, altitude compared to home course, and wind if you have them on so more than elevation can affect the number.  The weather updates hourly but the weather can change quicker.  Recently our weather has warmed up and it is recommending a club shorter than back in the colder months.  I like and trust what it shows for yards up or down for the weather factors.  Sometimes the wind changes direction though.

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