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Penalty / Flag (auto) Tag Assignment

What does this option for tag assignment specifically do?  Does it make an assumption based on GPS location to determine flag or penalty?

Thanks for asking Todd. Actually, you decide which custom action the tag will apply when it's used. Please read more here: Let us know if you have follow up questions. - Cindy

I’m missing something. I’m sorry I haven’t figured it out. There’s Add Penalty, Set Flag, and Penalty/Flag (auto) for choices. What does Penalty/Flag (auto) do?

Hi Todd - sorry for the misunderstanding. Yes, the (auto) setting will mark the flag if you are on the green, otherwise it'll add a penalty. I'll be sure we update our support info to make this more clear. Thanks for asking! - Cindy

Hey Todd. It took me a while to figure this out too. Here is how I use it....

I have one Golf Pad Tag assigned to the Penalty/Flag (Auto) function. I glued that tag to my divot repair tool. If during my approach, I have to score a penalty, I scan that tag and Golf Pad knows I am not on the green and adds a penalty to my score. On the green, after I putt in, I stand near the flag and scan the tag. Golf Pad knows I am on the green and logs the pin location instead of a penalty. It works well. 

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Thank you!

Hi Ty Rost

I'm a little confused.

I'll have to try it on the green. Does it work properly only when GPS works?

I believe it needs the gps to know if on the green or not.  If on green, logs pin.  If not, logs penalty.

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Thank you!!!

Thanks for the Tip of what to do with the extra tag Ty Rost, I was trying to figure how / where i could mount a spare tag to carry around and quickly mark the flag position without delaying at the hole location looking for a tag in my pocket and getting in the way of my playing partners.

@GolfPad Support team, I thought of the idea of a silicon wristband with a tag embedded which would work well for this situation, that way you could tap your wrist to the phone very quickly as you take the ball out of the hole.

Thanks for all the feedback everyone. Colm - I've passed your suggestion to the team for consideration. 

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