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Any idea when the next app update is coming?

After updating to ios 14.4 there are several bugs and issues using golf pad. NFC issues, difficulty getting tags to scan, tone changes, etc. It's getting to the point that the apps not worth using because of numerous distractions and frustration on the course. I've got my friends to purchase tags and they are having issues too. 

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Same here. I got tags in December and have yet to upload much of anything. Today it quit on hole 1, chirp like it was taking the shots and on three when I forgot a putt the phone was showing the familiar error message. I just gave up.

One of the work-arounds given for the NFC issue is to put the phone in guided access. That in itself has several of issues for me also. Hopefully, it all gets worked out soon.

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Yea, it’s really not a “working” around.

Thanks for asking and for others chiming in. We appreciate your patience. We have a new update rolling out in about a week. The process involves receiving approval from Apple, which impacts the time line. Please make sure you update as soon as a new version is available. Let us know if you still experience issues once the update is live. - Cindy

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Thank you and thanks for the quick communication and solution.  

Thanks for the update. Without a doubt this is the best app out there. I recommend it to family, friends, and anyone that sees me using the app. Keep making it better!

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