First time use. Wonderful product, but I have questions.

Posted over 3 years ago by Michael Lee

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Michael Lee

I had been shopping for a Garmin Approach G62, but after watching a very informative video by Harpelr Golf on YouTube,, I decided to spring for a Samsung Galaxy watch and go with the Golf Pad app. After dropping $130 for an open box Samsung Galaxy and $40 for Golf Pad Premium, I'm hoping I could duplicate the Garmin experience for $330 leftover to spend on a new driver or putter. Yesterday I payed my first round with my Samsung watch equipped with Golf Pad. Overall it was a good experience.i missed a couple of shots that I forgot to log location,but they were fairly easy to add back on my phone during post-editing. Now my questions and issues. This is probably more of a smart phone issue, but whenever I would wake up my watch, it would open up with the watch face display.i had set up Golf Pad to open with a double press of the home button, but it would linger in a "connecting..." screen for a few seconds before showing the Golf Pad app. Both the phone and the app are new to me, so if there is better way to set this up, I'd like to know. Perhaps I should to turn off the screen timeout completelymsonthst Golf Pad is always up and running on my watch screen? This delay in opening in the Golf Pad app causes issues on the green. I spent too much time hovering around the hole marking the pin location and tap-ins waiting for the Golf Pad app to come up on my watch.and felt I was holding up the rest of my group. Are most Golf Pad users tracking their putt and pin locations or are they bypassing putt tracking? AFAIK the smartphone app doesn't allow lie to be recorded. I normally hit alot of fairways,but I have my share of shots that are just slightly off the fairways in the first cut. I had 4 second shots that were a few inches off the fairways but were recorded as fairway shots. I also had a shot that was inches away from a sand trap that was recorded as a sand shot. If I can get these lies recorded properly while in-game, I don't time looking for those borderline shots in editing. Or is there a way to correctly record lie type in game instead of during the post game edit? Lastly, is there a 2D map of shot dispersion? All I can find is bar showing a percentage of shots hit left, right, long, and short. I only have one round recorded, so is this something that shows up after accumulating enough rounds? I know my issues are nit-picking. Overall, I'm pleased to have a new set of statistical criteria to evaluate. i can see where Golf Pad will help me do a better job of defining the weak areas of my game. TIA for any comments or suggestions.

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Walter Nerling posted over 3 years ago

Hmm. You've got a lot of questions there, and I'll try to answer them. FYI, I'm using a TicWatch Pro, Tags, and have a 'Link' as well.

I don't know if a Samsung watch is any different, but with my watch, simply tilting my wrist wakes it up, and it automatically displays the GolfPad F-M-B distances for the green. I'm not sure if you have some Bluetooth setting on your watch where it times-out after a few minutes of inactivity (and the you have to reconnect each time, which is causing a delay). You don't want that setting that requires a double press of the Home button to open GolfPad. GolfPad should own your watch when you're playing a round.

As for putt tracking, I'm doing this, and this is where Tags are beneficial, especially on the green. I understand that GPS will never be accurate enough to track putts that accurately, so that's why I usually mark pin locations while others are pitching, putting, etc. and/or I adjust my putt locations after my ball is in the hole and others are putting out. That way, I'm not holding anyone up.

GolfPad will not normally register sand shots, punch-outs/recoveries, and can make errors on fairways due to GPS accuracy. But you can adjust any of these shots by selecting the shot from the list, and selecting the ellipsis on the right side of the desired shot, and selecting 'Set lie'. I do some of these things in a quick 2 minute review post-round.

For statistics, there are some differences between the phone app, and what you find on the website. To see a 2D map of shot dispersion, use your phone app stats, go to 'Clubs', select a club, and then from the subsequent screens, swipe to the right until you see the 'Accuracy' screen.

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