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In the part were I live of the world (NL) we play during the winter period on "wintergreens". These are ('temporary greens') as a replacement of the proper greens.

Is there a way to adjust the hole position on the maps per hole ? so that the app can show the correct distance to the flag ?

Wintergreens sounds fun! Yes, it's easy to adjust hole position on the map. View this video for details on how. Let us know if you have any other questions after you take a look. - Cindy, Golf Pad

This is very helpful , you can imagine to adjust for 18 holes the pin position and next year when the regular pin positions are reinstated, is a lot of work.


Is it possible to create a duplicate layout of the course and adjust the wintergreen hole position in the new layout?

Hello, Carlo.

I can create wintergreen layouts for you. Please, let me know the names of the golf courses you would like to get updated.

Hi Valentina,

That would be great.

It's for : Golf &Country Club Capelle Aan Den IJssel in the Netherlands.


Hello, Carlo.

Thank you for your help. Unfortunately, I could not find any information about the winter layout. Could you let me know whether the golf club swaps the front and the back nines, please? as the Google Maps do not reflect any additional greens that could be used.

Hi Valentina,

I guess the wintergreens will not officially published by the club, from what I understand it varies from year to year. If you look on hole 3 you see a circle on the fairway before the hole. This was the place for the pin position of the hole for the year the map picture was taken, This year it will be different.

If you copy (or even better if I could do it myself) the existing layout, then I have to adjust the pin position myself.

Hello, Carlo.

Thank you for the detailed explanation.

I have created a separate Winter Layout and changed the positions of the greens in according with the pin positions that are available on the map. 

You can alter the course from the app. 

To do this:

  • Start a round at the course you want to edit
  • Open the menu (in the top left corner)
  • Select the "course incorrect?" tab
  • Then select the issue you are trying to correct.
  • For issues with holes, select the hole(s) you want to edit and press the edit layout button

This will let you set the tee box position, hit next. Then, set the green position (middle, front and back). After that you can layout the centerline of the fairway and save your changes. This will let you make the corrections needed. 

Hi Valentina, Thanks for the extra winter green layout. This is exactly what I was looking for. Coming weekend I will go to the club and check and update the pin positions. Regards, Carlo
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