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Stableford points handicap adjusted scoring


I've read the wiki/faq but can't figure this out

Under standard stableford a rules a par is +2 but if I have a handicap of say 18, then I get a shot on each hole so a natural par would give me +3 points. Can the app do this anywhere? 

I know you can modify the stableford points but unless you have a handicap of 18 or 36 then you'd get a different handicap allowance on each hole based on the SI. Where can I do this please? 


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Hi Matt - thanks for asking. If you select "net" under scoring, that should accomplish what you are after. Let us know if you have other questions. - Cindy

Message:I’ve recently purchased your premium package but it’s incorrectly adding my stableford scores up wrong. I’m using the Net stableford setting & using the UK WHG Setting. For instant I’m a 13.8 handicap & played my local course, on the 2nd hole it’s a par4 stroke index 6 & I got a par which should give me +3 points but the apps only giving +2. Could u please let me know what’s going wrong Many thanks Nik
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