Privacy Risk from Norton Anti-virus

Posted almost 4 years ago by K N

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Privacy Risk: Norton Anti-virus just alerted me that this app shares the user name or email linked to email accounts on your device. This may lead to spamming or phishing attacks. GolfPad, is this true?

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Cindy Wren

Cindy Wren posted almost 4 years ago Admin

Hi K N - Thank you for taking time to ask and confirm with us. It's not true at all. Golf Pad does not share your name or email with any third parties. Information sharing is not and has never been part of our business model.  We've had  a few users over the years who've reported this issue and have reached out to Norton to resolve it, without success. If you'd like to help, you can send us the screenshot of the notice on your phone to and we'll try to get Norton to update their information again. - Cindy

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