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Smart Watch Recommendation

Just purchased Golf Tags and am looking to get a smart watch. I've seen the older posts from several years ago but watches like Pebble are no more? I mainly want one just for Golf Pad. What is least expensive that works well?

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I clicked the link for smart watches and ordered this one;

Someone reviewed and said it worked well with Golf Pad

Bought a TicWatch E, combo deal on amazon with earbuds for $79. 

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Hi Art - glad to hear it! Thanks for sharing. What an excellent deal, too! Pop back in with an update after you play a few rounds. Contact support if you need any help with set up. - Cindy

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Cindy:  Related question. Does the TicWatch E2 Smartwatch, GPS work standalone using the Watch's GPS? -Al

Hi Alan - Thanks for asking. At this time only Apple Watch and Samsung watches running Tizen are compatible with standalone mode. We are working on standalone for Wear OS but I don't have a firm date on availability. - Cindy

Sorry, these emails were all going to 'Junk' folder. Just found them. 

Thanks for asking Cindy. 

I've been using them with the TicWatchE and works great! Simple directions for setup. Very happy 

Art, how many hours are you getting from a full battery charge for every day use? Can you make it through 18 holes? Quite a few smart watches have terrible battery drain when using GPS. Interested in your research

On the watch I turn on airplane mode and Bluetooth only. Still get messages and steps but that's the key, airplane mode,  I noticed. After 18 holes I still have about 48% battery on the watch left.  Works like a charm. Adding putts via watch with a push of button, you can add shots too via watch and then after assign a club. With tags it works awesome! Thx


Art - so the TicWatch E has a standalone GPS and doesn't need to be connected to phone to work?  And you are saying the GPS will work in airplane mode? 

Jeff, no I connect the phone and watch via Bluetooth and have both Golfpad apps on. No standalone GPS on watch. Works great

Art I bought this watch but am having challenges getting the golf pad gps app to the watch.  Then golf pad support tells me iPhone is compatible only with Apple Watch, Pebble and Magellan Echo. There is no support for Gear/Galaxy watches and Android Wear at this time.  I am using an iphone.  Are you using iphone or android phone?  

Jeff, I am using an Android, Google Pixel. I see you posted this 5 days ago but I just got this email today. Sorry about that. I have Wear OS installed on my phone. All works well but cannot help you with iPhone, sorry Jeff. 

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